Femke De Vries


Micro Utopias

Development of an apron design for Micro Utopias, a project by Daniela Dossi.

Micro Utopias is a physical open local hub. The first edition was located inside the recycling centre 'De Arm' in Utrecht. Micro Utopias aimed at adding a new stage to the cycle of 'De Arm' (sorting, inspecting, cleaning, repairing and selling second hand goods). The community can now co-generate services and activities on site using the available resources in response to the local need. Everthing can be realized and combined to create unexpected scenarios. Here chairs can turn into animals to ride, mattresses into stages, coffee machines into cafes, books into gyms and much more.

The Aprons derived from the idea of a neutral 'open space'. Therefore its an easy form, a square. The straps are alle the same lenghts. The pockets are hidden so the basic form stays untouched. The materials are basic cotton-like materials in easy colors (black and creme).

Showed at: UtrechtManifest No. 4,
Utrecht, The Netherlands